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Immigration – bussiness Group T. F. F with registration number 27524158970 started operating in 2019 in the form of educational and training services in Turkey. Initially licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education (registration number :19795), the group only provided student outreach services and preparatory courses for study at Turkish and German universities.

But with the passage of time and the development of infrastructure, t. F. F. continued to provide services as one of the most reputable immigration companies in other fields of demand in the field of immigration and doing business (supplying raw materials for domestic factories and finding opportunities for exports for Iranian products abroad).

Now the immigration-bussiness group T. F.F with head office active in Iran, Tehran (Tose Forsat Farda with registration number 583921) and active branches in Shiraz (Tarh Bozorg Company with registration number 4117) and Bandar Abbas (Tavan Fara Forsat Company – about to be established) And the agency in India intends to facilitate the immigration and business process and help applicants experience a more relaxed second life.

Cooperation with Shanley Holding is another activity of the TFF Business -Immigration Group. This is a trade cooperation in the field of selling oil, gas and petrochemical products.

şanlı -HOLDING- OUR GROUP Shan li Holding is made by 17 commercial and productive company that was established by Yashar Pournajaf in 2008 Shanli group has factories and commercial companies in Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, Irak, Georgia, Turkey, and Romania. The most important activities of this group are: 1.Producing Olive and Olive Oil in Turkey and Syria. 2.Producing nuts such as: Pistachio, Dry date and Raisin. 3.Producing conserves in 50 different packing with Galata and eftelya brands. 4.Producing concentrates and pure of fruits 5.Producing Tomato paste in can and bulk. 6.Exporting fresh fruits in different packing. Z.Polymer and petroleum products. Other activities of this group related to different countries are: exporting Petrochemical products, Copper products, importing Wheat and other Grain. Shanli group by reliance on experiences of board directors and utilizing technical knowledge of employed experts in group could be successful and trusted. Ålso presentation of high quality products and right commer- cial services are the signboards of partnerships and staffs of this group.

Membership of TFF Group in CINVU

TFF Group in order to strengthen the provision of open virtual education and student recruitment and exchange, joined in CINVU’s great family.

According to the Public Relations Report of CINVU, participating in open virtual education courses, recruiting and exchanging students, recruiting new members, and educational and research activities and commercialization of knowledge will be the main axes emphasized in these collaborations.
Education Courses

English language course

English language courses for those who intend to obtain residency in English-speaking countries in absentia and online with the latest methods of the world is on the agenda of the TFF Institute. At the request of individuals, classes can also be held in person.

TOMER / yös training course

To study in Turkey, you must take the Myös test, which consists of three sections: intelligence, geometry and math. It is also necessary to present a TOMER Turkish language degree after admission to the university and to study in Turkey.

German language course

Teaching methods are often face-to-face and online. In the face-to-face method, people participate in the class and the teacher explains the topics to the students, as well as online classes with modern methods is on the agenda of teaching German.

our services

Import and export

Immigration – Trading Group T. F. F is ready to work with industrial units to supply raw materials through trade hubs in Europe, China and Malaysia, as well as to create opportunities and markets for Iranian products around the world.

Sports migration

TFF Turkey International Consulting Group is ready to cooperate with talented athletes in various sports to immigrate to Turkey. Send your request through the information registration system so that you can be contacted as soon as possible.


Immigration – Trading Group T. F. F In order to cooperate with official translation agencies, is ready to translate and obtain the necessary approvals for applicants using the immigration and business program.

University preparation courses

The educational unit of the immigration-business group of TFF has been holding training courses in accordance with the entrance exams of universities for many years; Helps applicants to study abroad to improve their education. These courses are offered in complete packages and TFF College assures you that you do not have to worry about studying abroad.

Holding skill-based training courses

Academy T. F. F with an educational license from the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, has signed official contracts with Turkish public and private universities to hold skill-based training courses in various fields of cosmetics, health, cooking, management and… for various organisations or institutions with an International valid certification from Turkish universities.

Obtaining a Turkish passport

One of the easiest ways to get a Turkish passport is to buy a property worth over $ 250,000 or invest in Turkey. Remember that buying a property is completely different from getting a passport , and this is something that excludes us from a simple real estate consultation.

Company registration

International economic activity requires company registration. TFF Immigration-Business Group will assure you that you will strengthen your business base in the country of your choice in the best possible way.

Job seeking

TFF Immigration-Commerce Group with experienced experts will help you find a suitable job in Turkey and other countries. In this way, TFF will be with you in order to form the necessary infrastructure for your stay in the new country.

Obtaining a visa for European countries

TFF Immigration-Commerce Group, with its experienced lawyers and local experts in European countries, is ready to provide advice and follow up on the visa application process all over the world.

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Exceptional investment opportunities in Turkey

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Our official representatives

Shiraz Agent Bahareh Mokhtarzadegan
Tehran Agent Dr. Salar Karimipour
Hormozgan Agent Gholamreza baesi
India Agent Dr. Cyrus Zaboli
Istanbul Agent Amin feiz

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is immigration to Turkey attractive for Iranians?

Turkey is one of the best countries to study or invest. Turkey is cheaper due to its proximity to Iran. Another advantage of Turkey is that it does not require a visa for Iranians. Countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan have tried to reach the level of success and progress of Turkey but still failed.

How is it possible to study in Turkey?

Studying in Turkey is possible by passing the Yos and SAT exams. In this regard, TFF Consulting Group is ready to hold training classes

What are the main conditions for receiving a Turkish passport?

If a person wants to apply for a Turkish passport, he/she can apply in the following ways:

Insurance payment
If you have a work permit in Turkey and 5 years of paid insurance, you can get a Turkish passport after 5 years. Note that these 5 years must be continuous.

To invest in Turkey, you can get a Turkish passport by buying a property worth $ 500,000 or at least $ 250,000 for yourself and your children under 18.

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